Writer’s Do’s and Don’ts For Writing at Articles Auction


  1. Do write short paragraphs – Whenever possible, split your content into shorter paragraphs, bullet points and lists.
  2. Do an overall revision – Chop everything unnecessary during rewriting, and make it simpler.
  3. Do implement on-page SEO – Learn doing on-page SEO. Doing so will help a business/client to ease things.
  4. Do create unique content – Every person is distinctive and unique, so they should posses a varied style of writing.
  5. Do read daily on ‘writing’ & ‘subject’ – Research and learn. Find and follow the lessons of existing blogs with successful writers.
  6. Do post on social mediums – Promoting your article will give it more exposure to the potential buyers.
  7. Do your research – To build credibility and justify your claims, have facts, information and metrics which is an outcome through research.
  8. Do add visuals – Not every post can lend itself to an image, but take advantage of it when they do.


  1. Don’t be inconsistent – keep on scheduling your posts consistently.
  2. Don’t neglect the importance of title – The title decides whether the rest of your work will be suitable for customer/client or not.
  3. Don’t copy competitors – Everyone has their own strategies and different audience to speak to. So, don’t!
  4. Don’t focus on numbers – Don’t get very descriptive just for the sake of increasing the word count.
  5. Don’t write for SEO only – Don’t write to please the search engine; instead please your clients.
  6. Don’t compromise on quality – Check for spelling and grammatical errors and create a solid structure of sentences.
  7. Don’t follow other’s style – Create your own exclusive ways of delivering content. It is your identity.
  8. Don’t plagiarize – Take cues, draw inspirations and create your own unique content.
  9. Don’t expect immediate ROI – Our ongoing content campaigns take at least six months for ROI.

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