SEO: Latest tactics for SEO in 2021, Rank #1

How to rank blog post in 2021

You must be having a question like, How the SEO in 2021 is different from SEO done in 2020 or before that? In this article, I’ll share some improved methods of SEO that will help you rank your articles in SERPs in 2021.

1. Keeping Up With the Google

Google is changing its algorithm very frequently for the past few months. Especially, for the bloggers. These algorithm updates hurt rankings. And It’s not just for the new bloggers but also big blogs too.

So whenever writing a new post for your blog make sure you have all the latest knowledge of what Google is up to regarding its search algorithm. And try to write your blog post accordingly. For more info related to this visit:

2. Know The Search Intent.

What is Search Intent? Search Intent is the intention of the user’s search. An intention for the search could be for or types of search intent could be as follows


Navigational search is just something that you don’t want to type the whole address like instead your just search for Twitter.


These are the most famous intent from all the intents. For example, something that starts with “How to”, “Why is”, When do”, What is”, and all the other interrogative.


Transactional keywords are not only for buying anything. It is also used for looking on the web for email subscriptions, lead generation forms, and something related to this.


Commercial keywords are most likely the keywords related to buying anything or you can say, more like transactional keywords. The intent behind these searches is mostly related to buying things.

3. Focusing On Keyword Density

Keyword density plays a very important role when talking about ranking in SERPs. Improving your blog post’s keyword density doesn’t mean that you should focus only on repeating the keywords as many times as possible while degrading the quality of your post.

Keyword repetition shall come naturally. It is okay that you don’t have many repetitions for the focused keyword in your blog post. If you have written a quality post then your post will rank Despite your low focus keyword density.

But, always try to get a sufficient amount of your focus keyword just for the sake that Google or other search engines better understand for “What is your blog post all about”

This is why our excellent team of writers has it all covered for you. If you are still confused or not able to rank your blog then there is nothing to worry about. Articles Auction has a huge collection of pre-written articles covering almost all the niches around the globe. So, don’t forget to check out

4. Making it Engaging

Trust me or not but the majority of the internet audience is reading your article in rush hour. 

4.1 By Making It Precise

If you are trying to punch in some unnecessary information just to increase your article’s length then please stop doing it.

I am not saying that being too descriptive is bad but, the majority of the audience is viewing your blog post on a mobile phone. And the number of mobile phone users has already exceeded the number of PC/Laptop users. 

I don’t think I have much to say here. Make your post as precise as you can so that a mobile phone user, as well as a desktop user, doesn’t yawn while reading your articles.

4.2 By Adding Images

Another most important factor for improving your blog post engagement is to add images wherever possible.

Just by adding images, your simple and boring post starts to look more colorful and attractive. So, whenever you think that this part of your post deserves some illustration then don’t forget to put some images to better express what you are trying to say.

5. Improving Your Page Speed/Load Time.

If you are planning to rank your blog in 2021 then without improving your page speed, your Ranking #1 will remain a dream.

The only time your slow loading blog will rank is when you have written a blog post that focuses on keywords that are not very popular or which are very very rare in some cases. 

But, because of SEO tools like AhrefsAll in one SEOMozSEMRush finding keywords that are rare and also get the most traffic is also possible.

So, How to make your blog stand out in this arena of huge players with good keywords hold? The answer is very simple. Google’s top priority always goes for a fast loading blog post. 

If you think you have written a better blog post than your competitor whose blog is much bigger and targets more keywords compared to yours, then believe me your blog post will rank only if your blog’s page load time is faster than your competitor’s. 

So, How to increase the page load time of your website? There are plenty of criteria that needs to be checked off when talking about increasing page speed. 

Well, my priority for increasing the page speed goes for technical issues. For this purpose, I’ll recommend using this free tool from Google which is PageSpeed Insights. It highlights all the reasons which are making your blog slow. 

And if you don’t want to go harsh on your self try to compress the image sizes of your blog post. Or better use this tool and It’s free. Just upload your images on it and copy the link and add images directly to your blog post by pasting the link. That’s easy, right?

6. Making Pages AMP-Compatible

As said before, the number of mobile users is increasing everyday. And if your site is not AMP-compatible then it would require much effort to outrank those blogs with AMP-enabled pages.

So, What is AMP? Amp stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Amp pages don’t have many scripts on the page. Or you can also say that Amp pages only consist of text and images that’s it. 

Implementing Amp on your site is very easy. And If you are using WordPress for your blog then you can follow this article for reference

AMP helps boost your ranking, especially in 2021. 

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This brings us to the end of this post leave us your suggestion about this article in the comments and do share this article if you’ve found it helpful.

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