Seller’s / Writer’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Getting Started

How to Sign Up as Writer on Articles Auction?

You can signup as writer on Articles Auction by clicking here

How much time does it take for getting approved as a writer on Articles Auction?

Usually, It takes 48 hours or less for any writer to get approved or rejected

How to upload an Auction Product on Articles Auction or How to list my article for sale on Articles Auction?

After getting approved every writer gets a complete guide for “How to upload or list the article on Articles Auction” over the email. 


Can I bid on my own Article?

We have a special team always monitoring all the auction activities. If we found you bidding on your own Article or some other article unless you want to buy one for yourself we will immediately ban you from the site

Can I publish my listed Article some where else?

We continuously check for plagiarism for all the listed articles routinely. If your listed articles are seen somewhere else before it gets sold from Articles Auction then your article/blog post will be immediately taken down from our listings and also it will result in your account getting banned.

How to write an article for Articles Auction?

Please refer to this page Writer’s Do’s and Don’ts For Writing at Articles Auction

What happens when my listed articles/blog posts don't get sold?

If you think that your listed article or blog post will not get sold then you can safely delete your listed articles/blog posts from your seller dashboard.

Getting Paid

How will I be getting paid when my listed article/blog post get sold?

Before getting the payment you must meet the minimum payout threshold which is $10. When your account completes the minimum threshold, you can request a with drawl from your seller dashboard. All the payments are settled within 4-7 working days

What are the payment with drawl methods for seller/writer on Articles Auction?

Currently, we only pay via PayPal to writers outside India. And for the Indian writers, we pay directly to their respective bank account

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