How to safeguard your website against Manual Google Penalties in 2021?

How to safeguard your website against Manual Google Penalties in 2021? - Articles Auction

Who doesn’t fear penalties, be it of any form! Imagine sleeping to your Google Analytics dashboard with thousands of visitors and waking up to negligible traffic on your website! Heart-breaking and stressing you.

While this extreme downfall is only caused if google imposes any kind of penalties on you for indulging in unethical practices.

There could be various causes for these penalties, and to safeguard your website, you must know the plausible reasons for them, in addition to the solutions to safeguard your website.

Reasons for Penalty:

First off, you need to accept the fact that google penalties don’t just occur in case of algorithm changes, they might happen otherwise as well!

There are majorly two broad categories of these penalties. Here’s how and why!

Manual Penalties

In addition to automatic penalties, these penalties are generated because of human reviewers. These penalties are notified both by e-mail and are reflected on your google-analytics dashboard as well.

Algorithm change penalties

Google updates its algorithms, and these updates are usually inspired by the new malpractices websites use to gain traffic and rankings.

These updates are usually made to identify the websites indulged in practices that don’t align with Google’s guidelines, and hence when this happens, a lot of websites get penalties in a go.

The worst part about them is you won’t be notified, and it will just reflect on the results, with you wondering what just happened!

Safeguard Measures against Google Penalties!

A general piece of advice is to keep your content as original as possible and to avoid any kind of indulgence in back-link purchases or sales. Here are other things you must keep an eye on.

1. Advertisement

With Google’s Page Rank algorithm, if your users have to scroll a lot to reach the relevant information, you sure are getting down-ranked for it. The best practice would be to avoid any advertisements in the above-the-fold area.

2. Don’t target particular anchor texts

Anchor elements are used for linking and anchor text is the words that you actually use to add links to. If you link too many similar words and create hyper-anchoring, Google algorithms easily identify those. It is highly suggested that an appropriate choice of your brand terms as anchor text could be up to 17%.

3. Negative SEO

This possessed a major problem as competitors usually used this strategy to downside competition. However, apart from imposing penalties on the negative SEO generator, your website may face the effect of too many linkages from spammy websites and hence the website quality is bound to degrade! WHAT TO DO? Create a text file with all unidentified incoming links and upload it via Google disavow links tool page.

4. Track the links

Link building is definitely one of the best ways to drive the traffic to the right pages on your website, but if you indulge in any unethical ways of doing it, it is going to cost you, sooner or later.

Hence, avoid any kind of spam link building, buying/selling of links, massive guest posting, forum posts, etc.

Don’t forget Google bots easily identify these generated unnatural-looking links. Gone are the days, when fooling Google was easier.

5. Generate original content only

Needless to say that Google identifies plagiarism sooner than you could ever find out! Moreover, content plays a two-fold role in getting your website up! One, it helps you stay stabilized and on top in search engines; second, it keeps your users occupied and right where they need to be on your website.

Follow best practices, be reasonable and ethical in terms of putting content on your website and building the back-links to it.

Get the guest posts, but ensure they don’t seem unnatural at all. If it sounds unnatural to you, by any means, it is going to be identified by Google, maybe not today, but sooner!

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