How to Build a Community Around Your Blog and Keep Them Coming Back

How to Build a Community Around Your Blog and Keep Them Coming Back - Articles Auction

It is challenging to stand out in a sea of daily bloggers and blog postings. Building a community around your blog is the key to making one that stands out. The subsequent growth of your fan base assists in driving new visitors to your blog.

I’ll outline the advice for building a bustling blog community in this piece. I’ll also offer advice on how to monitor community growth and capitalize on it.

Why should you establish a blog community?

Here are some advantages of having a group of followers or writers surrounding your blog.

  1. A huge readership stimulates social sharing, which can increase traffic to your website.
  2. It helps to portray the blog as an “authority blog” when readers leave comments.
  3. A community can help draw leads since it provides social proof.
  4. The likelihood that readers will link back to your worthwhile pieces increases when you build genuine relationships with them. This improves the value of SEO.
  5. A lot of reader interaction lengthens the time spent on a single page, which is beneficial for SEO.
  6. A large following will promote you inside their own networks.

How to create a community around your blog

1. Base it on a single, strong concept.

Nobody will listen to you if you speak in front of a crowd, but if you address a group of people who share your views, they will cheer you on. The same is true with blogging. A specific topic-focused blog is usually more successful.

Your followers will stop reading your blog if you write about one subject, like sports, for a week and then another, like astronomy, for the next week. It will be challenging for them to relate to you.

Make sure the topic of your blog is something you are enthusiastic about. A powerful emotion to link your concept to the correct audience, passion spreads like wildfire. This promotes an audience that can relate to and comprehend what you write.

Your community’s foundation will be built on this very sense of connection.

Due to his singular concentration on blogging, Problogger’s Darren Rowse has effectively developed his blog

Rowse maintains a separate blog for this and never attempts to combine it with his other interest, photography. A bustling community has formed around the second blog as well, although its readership is substantially different.

2. Provide pleasure for them

Both lectures and biassed blogs are boring. Nobody likes reading a blog that rants about its successes and tactics without involving the audience. These blogs eventually stop existing.

Make individuals feel welcome and at home if you want them to participate in your community. How? Read on.

a) Be particular

Being personable has the greatest impact on your readers. Personal writing involves writing as though you are communicating, not disclosing private information.

Be human in your tone. Share tales that connect to the post. To make it appear as though you are speaking to your reader directly, use terms like we, you, and me.

b) Display openness.

Permit your readers to contact you whenever and however they like. People will feel heard as a result of this. You can also invite your followers to contact you by email.

For instance, Noah Kagan, the creator of Appsumo, invites his subscribers to share their opinions of him in their comments.

His group expands as a result of the emotional connection he forges with his subscribers.

3. Make your readers a part of your blog posts.

Have the plan to incorporate your readers into every aspect of your blog after your audience feels comfortable communicating with you and your site. This is how:

a) Request reader feedback

Encourage your readers to participate in your blog article after you’ve written it. Ask them to provide solutions to the issue you mention in your post.

Individuals enjoy being regarded as knowledgeable. Asking them how they would resolve the problem addressed in your blog will provide them with this opportunity.

b) Test people.

Quizzes are clever and entertaining ways to keep readers interested in your community. According to OkDork, quizzes made up eight of the top ten most shared pieces of content in 2015. People’s increased sharing indicates that they enjoy your content, which raises the blog’s popularity even further.

This is due to the fact that people enjoy sharing information that enhances their own credentials and identity. You can follow other blog communities and blogger communities for quiz inspiration.

4. Make a persistent challenge.

How to utilize a challenge to develop a following for your blog is by using an ongoing challenge like this 30 days to strong blogging.

Because everyone involved in a challenge shares the same problem, challenges are fantastic. They share the same problems and objectives. As a result, they grow closer on a personal level.

In the end, your unique challenge helps your readers resolve a common issue.

5. Provide value

Overly high expectations for the community are one of the main obstacles to community creation. By providing your followers with solutions, you must bring value to the community.

If you provide something of value to your community, they are more inclined to suggest you.

This is achieved by:

  • Creating in-depth blog posts. You don’t want your readers to visit another site to find answers to the same issue.
  • Offering insider knowledge about the sector. A weekly post from Social Media Examiner lists all the relevant social media news and evaluations of fresh social media tools released that week.
  • Providing a blog backlink is one of the best ways to show your respect for other bloggers and influencers. You can employ influencer marketing in your blog’s community-building efforts in this way. But take care—only link to content that will benefit your blog’s visitors and is of a good caliber. Linking to low-quality, unrelated posts will cause more harm than good.

6. Track ROI and use your contacts

To determine whether you are working in a successful manner during a campaign, you should always measure your efforts. Measuring conversions and the number of people you were able to connect with is an excellent place to start.

You can keep track of your tactics to determine what was successful and what wasn’t. Try an organic traffic strategy if social media isn’t your thing. To communicate with the people in your neighborhood, you can also try email lists.

How to use the power of your community

Profiting from your community is not harmful. This is accurate as long as you are giving them something of value. To do this,

  1. There is no harm in recommending an affiliate product to your audience if you are creating excellent content that solves problems.

2. Also, you can create a product that you can upsell to your community once you have won their respect with your labor.

3. If none of them work, ask your audience to share your pieces on social media and suggest you to their own networks.


A thriving community is invariably evidence of a fantastic, worthwhile site. This trick is already used by the most well-read blogs to boost viewership and rankings. You can create a community around your blog and use it to drive more traffic and sales if you follow the advice above, I’m sure of it.

Please feel free to comment in the space below if you have any questions about anything I have covered today. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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