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Are Articles on Articles Auction SEO Friendly?
You never have to worry about all the SEO’s hectic checklist. All articles on Articles Auction are SEO Ready, Which means all blog posts listed here are ready to publish upon buying.
Are blog posts on Articles Auction Plagiarism Free?
Each article listed here is written with due care, considering none of our article’s content matches with any other article on the internet.
Are there any Spelling Mistakes or Grammatical errors in the blog posts which are listed on Articles Auction?

All articles go through rigorous checking before getting listed, meaning that you always get the most engaging article/blog post ever. It increases your audience’s engagement and decreases your site’s bounce rate.

Will, I will be Ranking Higher in Google Search Results from the Blog Post bought from Articles Auction?

Is it becoming difficult to rank higher on SERPs? Well, now it isn’t. Our writers have done all the keyword researching for you. Our writers stay updated with all the search engine’s algorithm tweaks. This means you always stay on top in SERPs

Are the Blog Posts listed on Articles Auction written by professionals?

Our team of writers are very much qualified and have years of experience. Meaning you don’t have to surf the whole internet to find the perfect writer to get the job done. You get full support for all the articles you buy here from the writers themselves.

Why Articles Auction conduct Auctions for selling Articles/Blog Posts?

Because we want to provide justice to everyone, meaning everyone gets an equal opportunity to buy articles/blog posts at their preferred prices.

What is the Motto of Articles Auction?

We believe that “Quality should not come at a heavy price”

Technical Details

How to buy an unique blog post?

You have to visit and explore our huge library of pre-written blog posts which are SEO Friendly and Ready to publish. After that you have to bid on your chosen Articles

How to bid on the Articles?
You have to login or sign up for an account on Articles Auction before you can start with bidding on articles. After that, you have to choose the article which you are willing to buy. Now you can see an option to bid on the article. You can only bid on the Articles which are running or active for auction at the moment, articles that are yet to be live, or articles that have ended for auction are not biddable unless they again get relisted because of some reasons.
How to win an auction?

In order to win an auction on Articles Auction you have to bid the highest on any of your chosen articles which you are willing to buy. If other user bid higher than you then you can lose the auction. Always bid the highest to win an auction.

What is proxy bidding?

The website will automatically place a bid on the customer’s behalf for the lowest amount possible up to the customer’s maximum bid using an increment bidding system.

Can I proxy bid on the Articles in Auction?

Yes, you can proxy bid on the Articles on Articles Auction

You can set your maximum amount of bid that you are willing to pay on your chosen article/blog post. Our system will automatically bid on your behalf the lowest bid possible until the bid amount reach the maximum of your bid amount Or it will continue bidding until it matches to your maximum amount of bid.

What is the average duration of auction on Articles Auction?

On an average each auction remains live only 24 hours.

What is the Time Zone for auctions on Articles Auction?

Time Zone for Auctions on Articles Auction is India Standard Time (GMT+5:30)

Can I add product on auction watchlist?

You can any auction on watchlist by clicking “eye” icon which says “Add to Watchlist!” under the product page.

What happens when I lose an auction on Articles Auction?

If lose an auction, then the winner has to make payment for the won auction, If he/she fails to make the payment for the auction. The article/blog post get relisted again within 1 hour. And becomes available again for bidding.


What happens when I win an auction on Articles Auction?

When you win an auction on Articles Auction you’ll get notified on email as well as on the product page itself. A “Pay” button will appear on the won auction page or the Article on which you bid and won. After you click on the “Pay” button you’ll be redirected to the checkout page.

On the checkout page you’ll have 1 hour to pay for the Article until it gets relisted automatically.

What happens after I pay for the Article on Articles Auction?

After you successfully pay for the Article/blog post you’ll get a direct download link for the Article on the “Payment Succesful Page” to again download the same article you have to open your account details and click on the orders button where you’ll find your article ready to be downloaded again. Downloading the article bought from Articles Auction is available to download for infinite times or unlimited times.

What are the available payment methods for paying for the Article/Blog post after winning the auction on Articles Auction?

We accept PayPal as the primary paying method for all the users outside India. Users outside India can also pay via Debit Cards or Credit Cards too if the user doesn’t have any PayPal account. For paying via Debit Card or Credit Card you have to choose PayPal for the payment after that you’ll be asked to login to PayPal, you have to skip login and then you have to choose “Pay by Debit Card or Credit Card”

For Indian Users you have to Pay via Debit Card and Credit Card only. Indian users cannot pay VIA PAYPAL.


Does Articles Auction accepts Returns and Refunds?

No, we don’t accept returns or refunds on the sold Article/blog post because after selling an Article/Blog post it becomes plagiarized and this completely backfires our company’s policy.

How to open Seller Support Ticket on Articles Auction?
To open a support ticket from a seller you have to visit your respective seller profile by locating it here Then you’ll have an option named “Get Support” under the seller’s cover photo. By clicking on that button you can create a seller support ticket. For more related questions directly reach us at [email protected]
Are the article's revisions allowed on blog posts/articles bought from Articles Auction?

We allow 2 free revisions for each Article/Blog Post you buy from Articles Auction. To get the revisions you have to open the profile of your respective seller and open a seller support ticket. The method for opening the seller support ticket is answered in the above accordion.

What happens when the seller refuses for the revisions?

It is a very extreme case when seller refuses for doing revisions in your bought Article/Blog post. If such thing happens then you can directly report this to us at [email protected]

How to contact Articles Auction?

For more questions or queries fill out our contact form here

Or email us at [email protected]

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