HTML vs XML: What’s the difference?

HTML vs XML - Articles Auction

HTML is often employed when the usage of pre-defined tags seems favorable and the major purpose is displaying of the data and just browsing; whereas XML is usually used when a more complex web application is needed and the developer plans to define her own tags and the main purpose is the transportation of data rather than the display of it.

Common Title Capitalization Rules

Common Title Capitalization Rules - Articles Auction

Capitalization rules dominate your reader’s attention to your posts and grasp their focus on your blogs/articles. Inadequate capitalization leads them to sway away and lose enthusiasm, making your users not take the post seriously since no effort has been employed in getting the title appropriately written.

What is a top-level domain (TLD), and how does it affect your website?

What is a top-level domain (TLD), and how does it affect your website? - Articles Auction

TLDs are Top-level domain which helps google identify the purpose of your website and users to build trust within it. They are of three types and must be chosen wisely as they affect the traffic indirectly.

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