4 Cost-Free Promotional Tactics to Use on Twitter

free twitter marketing - 4 Cost-Free Promotional Tactics to Use on Twitter - Articles Auction

Twitter is among the topmost platforms to engage and gauge your audience and attract your consumers. We totally understand that not every SME or small business or even individuals would have ample resources in the initial stages to invest in promotional tactics for growth. The good news to embrace is you could still make your mark without much monetary investment upfront.

Generate some exclusive ‘Twixclusives’

A ‘Twixclusive’ is a ‘Twitter Exclusive’ offer that can only be grabbed if a customer follows and keeps track of your Twitter activity. Smart Twixclusives can aid you in enticing more engagement to your Twitter activity while at the same time promoting your products’ sale at a decent offer. The psychology behind ‘Twixclusives’ is extremely simple and works in the exact same way as Instagram or Facebook promotions.

Moreover, to our surprise, it even delivers outstanding results. Some examples of interactive ‘Twixclusives’ are:

1.Do and Grab Limited-Time Offers

In these, you push your customers to share your feeds, help you promote, or tag their friends and offer them a small discount on the basis of their activity. This helps enhance your customer base as well.

2.Make them know more and ask for suggestions

Post your working scenarios, social indulgence, packaging videos, and pictures, and ask them if they think anything done better would be loved! This ideally helps them picture the entire product being sent to them and hence helps smoothen the trust-building process.

Run Flock campaigns

Flock campaigns are mysterious ways of raising the customer’s curiosity about the products and offers. This keeps them captivated until the offers are live. An example of this could be: “Coming up with an exclusive 50% off on our new Summer Collection with the coolest designs. Stay Tuned. First-look at 12 noon tomorrow.

Other overwhelming and flock campaigns lead to capture the interest yet keep them lined up. Moreover, you may keep several targets for yourself before initializing a flock campaign. These could be a certain number of re-tweets, or comments, or likes. The numbers are to be decided by you and in these cases, you would not want to specify a deadline for the wait.

Share product launches

Let your audience have a glance at your theme or your latest discoveries that you eventually added to your new collection, before the actual product launches. An essential aspect is introducing a new hashtag with your previous one exclusive for the product launch. Also, pay attention to the kind of tweets that produce the most interest, is it a video of behind-the-scenes? is it a model walk? is it a discussion? then refine your future tweets to align with the results. Repeat what works for you and scrap the rest.

Ensure to keep your content extremely personal yet concealing the actual products before the launch. Reveal the colors, patterns, trends you are about to introduce.

Make it work with the ‘Twixclusives’. After all, what’s the harm in hitting two goals with one post!

Appeal to the right audience

This is by far the most important deal in your Twitter activity. For all the points mentioned above to function well, you must have a good grasp of your target audience. Every product launch may appeal to a different audience. One of the progressive techniques to do this is ‘using hashtags specific to the interest’ so that your posts hit the right people.

Retain your audience, grasp their interest, and hold your sales tight with smart strategies. The world is getting smarter, the era is proliferating progress, add promotions and view the change.

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